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                 Innovative Chemical Detection Technology by DET                                   converting selected chemical compounds into electrical current by applied sciences of               Thermionic Surface Ionization, Catalytic Combustion Ionization, & Flame Ionization             

featuring a family of electrically heated ion sources made of catalytically active ceramics          


CERAMIC ION SOURCES for the Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector (NPD) and other Thermionic Ionization Detector (TID) modes of Gas Chromatograph (GC) detection, including replacements for the AGILENT 6890/7890 NP ION SOURCE (Highest Quality, Best Performance, Lowest Cost, Unlimited Shelf Life). A  family of different ceramic coatings provides an easy change from one mode of selective detection to another using the same basic detector equipment.

NEW - CATALYTIC COMBUSTION IONIZATION METHOD for the selective detection of METHYLENE functional groups in PETROLEUM, BIODIESEL, FAME, and TRIGLYCERIDE samples with differentiation between saturated and unsaturated Carbon bonds, and negligible response to Aromatics.

RETROFIT DETECTORS for GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY - hardware designed for custom fit onto an existing FID or NPD base on various GC models (e.g., Thermo Scientific, Varian/Bruker, SRI Instruments, HP5890) - features a concentric cylinder geometry for stream-lined gas flow and optimum ion collection efficiency - (NEW combination of DET Hardware and versatile Thermo Trace NPD Electronics provides unrivaled interchangeable capability for all modes of NPD and TID detection).

STAND-ALONE TRANSDUCERS and DETECTION MODULES - stainless steel/ceramic assemblies with numerous choices of ceramic ion source elements and inlet - outlet gas fittings.

Outstanding Features

- easy interchange of multiple detection modes (NPD, TID, CCID, FTID, FID, Remote FID, Tandem TID)

- unique selective responses to compounds containing O, N, P, Cl, Br, I, Sn, Pb, or Si atoms, or Nitro, Methylene, Pyrrole, and certain other functional groups

- inexpensive, simple equipment design, easy to operate and maintain


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